School Remains Closed January 17
Due to the low temperatures and the icy road conditions on many of the country roads and side streets, Mineola ISD will remained closed Wednesday, January 17.  

School Closed Tuesday, January 16
Due to the predicted bad weather, Mineola ISD will be closed Tuesday, January 16.  Please stay safe and stay warm!  

Inclement Weather Information
During the winter months, inclement weather may require Mineola ISD to close or delay the beginning of school.  During inclement weather, students, parents and staff are requested to check the Mineola ISD website for weather updates or listen to one of the radio or television stations listed below:

KMOO 99.9

KLTV Channel 7

KETK Channel 56

KYTX Channel 19

Schools will be closed due to inclement weather only when absolutely necessary because of hazardous road conditions or the curtailment of gas and/or electricity.  The Texas Education Agency policy that all school days missed must be made up through a revised school calendar remains in effect; therefore, it is desirable to follow the original school calendar if possible.

The superintendent usually makes the decision to close school prior to 6:00 a.m. after road conditions are checked for icy conditions.  Closings are seldom announced the evening prior to the school day.  The website home page and media are immediately updated and notified once a decision is made.  Once school is in session for the day, classes are seldom released early due to the difficulty of notifying parents and to the difficulty that working parents have in picking up their child(ren).

After the decision to close or delay opening of school has been made by the superintendent, parents will also be notified by an automated phone message.