All elementary students will possess the courage and ability to set goals, navigate their progress, demonstrate mastery, and lead change.

The personalized learning experience offered at Mineola Elementary School is second to none! Teachers design individualized instruction around the personal needs of each student; meeting students where they are and accelerating their individual growth. Our mission to GROW every student is 100% attainable because students are an active part of the success equation. They know their learning targets, and they track their progress as their teacher coaches and guides. Its a WINNING combination! No wonder teachers are making comments like these:

"I can't go back! I won't go back! I have never gotten student gains like this in a traditional classroom setting....classrooms must be personalized." - Jana Nance, 4th Grade Math

"This way of teaching is the most absolutely, incredibly empowering experience ever!" - Kim Dodgen, 4th Grade Reading.


  • engage in deeper understandings of instructional concepts within real world contexts

  • take ownership of learning and personal growth

  • set goals to reduce academic gaps in their learning


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