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2020 - 2021 PROCEDURES 

Campus is closed until Monday, July 27. We will reopen on the 27th at 8:00 and be open daily until 5:00 (closed onFridays).

Please call (903) 569-5488 for an appointment.

Our Next Events:

Monday, August 10 - Meet the Teacher for Head Start/PK - 4:00-7:00 - Come and Go Tuesday, August 11 - Meet the Teacher for Kinder, 1st, 2nd - 4:00-7:00 - Come and Go Thursday, August 13 - First Day of School

Instructional Day 7:50 - 3:30:

The instructional day begins at 7:50, please have your student to school in plenty of time to be in their classroom at 7:50. Teachers will be greeting students beginning at 7:45. Our goal is to preserve instructional time for all students and teachers.  Visitors, volunteers, and parents need to have a scheduled appointment before entering the hallways.

Early Dismissals/Dismissal: Early Dismissals are permitted before 2:45. After this time, students will not be release early (unless it is an emergency). Our goal is to give teachers and students their closure for the end of the day and minimize interruptions to instruction. This also allows us time to get transportations communicated to classrooms.  Dismissal will be at 3:30. Car riders will dismiss at the front of the school. Head Start and PreK will dismiss in front of the primary school and kinder, first, and second will dismiss in front of the middle school. Please have your student's name tag visible in your car window.  Refrain from coming into the building or to the porch to pick up your student - we will not release them, except through the car line and to a car. 

Access to School Building: In order to provide a safe and orderly environment, all parents, volunteers, and visitors are required to scan their driver's license in the front office and receive a ID badge before accessing the school building. Please check in with the school receptionist to receive your badge.  Conferences: To schedule a conference with your student's teacher, please email your teacher or call the school at (903) 569-5488.